Getting festive and getting work done.

With the winter break rapidly approaching, we were tasked with writing a blog post about how we would spend the winter break. I am very excited for the break since I finally have the ability and time to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep, I am also frightened since I have quite a bit of work to get done over the two week break and I’m scared that I will get too engulfed in the relaxing part of the break and forget the work I need to do. In the hopes of that not happening I am going to create reminders in my phone about the work I need to get done and download a useful app that a classmate told me about called “forest” each session completed with the app allows another plant to grow and if you exit the app during the session, the plant will die and no one wants that.

I have the rest of my panels to create in firealpaca and when I get back to school I’m going to put them all in Photoshop and spend the whole day coloring panels and making any corrections that are needed, this will hopefully help bring the comic to life. I’m worried about getting back after the break and not having enough time to color all the panels since I don’t have access to Photoshop at home.

I’ve been really looking forward to the break, I need some time to take care of myself, mostly mentally. I haven’t been sleeping well for a month or so and its starting to take a toll on my work flow in school and at work. Hopefully I don’t have to work much more during the break but id be fine with picking up a couple shifts if I still get time to take care of myself before the break is over.

I hope everyone has a fantastic winter break and get to spend time with your family and friends. Christmas time can be hard for some people so I hope that no one is too sad and that everyone has a good Christmas

Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Trying not to waste my time

When we were first told that we were going to have to create a document on how each of us would stay organized I was skeptical because we did something similar to this at my home school and it didn’t work out too well.
The organizational tips I picked were:
1)Get plenty of rest every night, including weekends.
2)Put a time limit on tasks
3)Don’t wait until the day before the due date to begin any assignment.
The reason I picked these specific ones is because I feel like they relate to me more than the other ones my classmates put into the document. I haven’t been keeping up with this document as of late, I feel like this is why my B tasks seem to be piling up. I know I haven’t been using the organizational skills the way I should be and I know that my time would be better used if I started looking at the skills more. I think I’m spending more time on my B tasks because of this, I haven’t had much time to work on my A take as of late and I don’t feel like I’m getting the all the work done that I should be. I think cresting this document was a great idea because I know most of my classmates are feeling the same way as I am and we needed a bit of direction to help us stay more organized with all our tasks that we have to take care of. I’m going to start paying more attention to this document, I will probably print it out and put it on the board with my big picture goals so that I remember that it’s there and to look at it.
I’ve been worried about my project for the last couple weeks, I feel like it isn’t going to work out and I know that if I don’t push myself to do something new then it definitely won’t work out and I really want this project to work out. I’ve been really disorganized with everything lightly and that worries me that I’m forgetting things because I have lots of work to do.

Getting pricked 

As lily tended to her tiny green cactus scared of getting pricked like she had countless times before. Letting the water flow into the dirt, Lilly realized her cactus was beginning to wilt. She placed the water beside the plant with a sigh, Lilly knew that today just like every day she would go through it not feeling like she had any purpose.

After tending to everytime, she finally got back home. Closing the door and locking it with force as a sign of how done with the day she was. She walked up the stairs to her room, putting her stuff softly on the ground before laying down on the bed she had waited all day to see again. Lilly rolled over to see that her plant had wilted more, the water didn’t help at all. She thought about giving up on the plant, she didn’t see any point trying to keep the plant alive if it was just going to wait away to nothing.

Lilly thought about how this plant represented her in a way, she wasn’t going to give up on the plant just like she wasn’t going to give up on herself. Lilly went to bed with this thought in her mind, hoping tomorrow with a little more water and time her tiny cactus would grow stronger.

I have really been struggling with my project this semester, I don’t feel like it’s going anywhere like its wilting and I have no way to give it water. I want to do well this year since it’s my last year and I’m trying to better myself mentally. Choosing a project that I’m not very skilled in is very scary for me, I don’t feel like I’m good at drawing but just like Lilly I’m going to keep trying and not give up.

Feeling discouraged

For these past few weeks I have tried to do many things to help myself come up with a project idea. I went out with a few classmates to take pictures in the exchange, when we got there I found out my camera was dead, unable to get to know the camera I thought I would be using for the semester. After getting back to the school I was feeling very discouraged about doing photography has my project. The next day my classmate Lexie took me to the forks and Osborn to take pictures and help me with the camera, I was hoping to learn how to focus the camera better which I did. We got back to the school, I learned how to edit the pictures but I wasn’t passionate about taking these pictures. I left the school with absolutely no idea what my project would be. This time last semester I had an idea for my project and I felt very passionate about writing my poetry book. I wish I could do writing again this semester, it’s something I am very passionate about.

Coming back to school the next day I had the idea of working with the drawing tablet, I talked to Mr. Hansen about this and he thought it was a good idea. I practiced with the tablet for two days, not getting anywhere. I’m very skeptical about my abilities when it comes to drawing since I am not very skilled in the arts. I’m still going to practice with the drawing tablet but I don’t see it going anywhere, I’m going to try and not let this discourage me anymore than it already has. Everyone has projects and is getting to work, I have checked in with most of my classmates and their happy with the work they’re getting done and where their project is headed. When people ask what my project is I just shrug, I have no idea what my project will be and this is upsetting. I want to have an idea so I can get to work but at this moment I have no idea what I’m going to do this semester but I hope to find out sooner than later.

Aaaaaand I’m back!

Hello, and welcome back to my amazing blog, I know you’ve missed it. I’m going to try and not make this letter sad since I’m trying to be more positive about things.

I chose to return to Propel this semester because I feel that in my first semester I was too worried about staying in my comfort zone. For this semester I hope to step out of my comfort zone with my project hoping that this will help me overcome some of my anxieties. Coming into this semester, it’s good to have people I know and that understand who I am personally. I know that this semester will be difficult, I am not at my best mentally but I am trying to better myself and want Propel to be apart of that.

These first few weeks back at Propel I remembered how much anxiety school causes me but Propel causes me much less. Being around all these new people frightened me and I wasn’t sure what they would think of me. Thinking back to my first semester in this Program I had the exact same feelings and most things went fine which really calmed my nerves for a little while. I’ve felt so much more comfortable in these few weeks back than I ever did in my last semester and that’s my fault. I don’t feel that I’m going to judged by these people, that might just be because I’ve grown as a person or I understand Propel better.

I’m so scared but also excited to see how I grow during this semester and what I’m going to be able to create.


The writing style of poetry

My reference text The Universe Of Us by Lang Leav. The poems in this book rhymed to an excessive degree but weren’t particularly moving and I feel this has to do with the writing style. there are actually some fantastic poems in this book, you can tell what poems are about the authors personal experiences and when she is just writing about an idea she had at the time of writing this book. The poems that are personal to the author are much better, you can feel the emotion behind those poems, you understand when she was in love or when she was mad. When she is writing about something personal it is very apparent but this leaves the other poems in the background. The poems that arent personal to the author are still good but they don’t show enough emotion behind them, or the emotion that is trying to be portrayed feels very forced. In a way this made me skip over a couple poems in the book because I felt they were not genuine to the author.

Emotion behind the poetry

When I first started to read The universe on us by Lang Leav, I was overcome with the emotions of love, sadness, and longing. Each poem portrays these emotions differently, some are filled with love but others have love with the underlying emotion of sadness. The emotions are very complex even though the poems may seems quite simple. You can tell by how the poems are written that the feelings portrayed in the poems are personal to the author and their experiences. Love is the emotion that is in most of the poems and stays relevant throughout the entire book, this is what inspired me to write my book. The author found a way to keep love in every poem but not make the poems or the emotion itself feel repetitive, in every poem it was different.

When you first look at the book you can tell that it is about love, the colour of the cover really contributes to this. It is a dark pink, this is a colour I feel people generally relate to love. This helps the author draw people to her book, it gives the book a unique look and I feel that it really helped the audience understand what the book represented.

The visuals of poetry

In my reference text The universe of us by Lang Leav, I have been very inspired by the visuals of this book. This book has two drawings, One drawing on the cover and the other in the very beginning of the book and that one takes up a page. The drawing in the beginning of the book is of a girl wearing a dress standing up in a boat. This drawing shows that the author put a lot of thought into the final product of the book. For the drawing in the beginning of the book, its formatted in a circle with a line design underneath it. The drawing is of a girl with brown hair in a red dress with a collar and a background full of stars.

The cover of the book is dark pink that sets the tone of the book when you first look at it. The text on the cover gives a very whimsical feel to the whole book, which i think really helps the book come together in the end.

The formatting of poems

For my poetry book, I am using a reference text called The universe of us by Lang Leav. It is a poetry book about the authors romantic relationships and experiences throughout her life and how they have affected her. One thing that really drew me to this specific poetry book was the formatting of the poems. It was a very professional looking book meaning it has a minimalist and clean look to the whole book without seeming uptight. You can still feel the emotion behind the poems.

The poems follow the same formatting throughout the book, this helps the book feel as if it has a story even though the only story the book follows is the central idea. This text helped me understand what I should do if I want my book to have the same professional feel but the reader should still be able to to feel the emotion behind the text. I enjoy how the poems were not lined up on the page throughout the book you start to notice the poems move up on the page slightly. This made for a more unique feel which I’m not sure if the author was going for. The length of the poems really varies from the beginning to the end of the book, this gave the text a more poetic feel.



Time management

I think that time management is something that I have personally struggled with, primarily in the first month of Propel. I felt very overwhelmed with my new surroundings and wasn’t sure what to make of it. There was a whole new group of people who didn’t know me and I didn’t know them which wasn’t reassuring at all. During the first month I was more concerned with what my new group of peers thought of me, than I was about thinking about a project or the other work I needed to get done.

I know that I don’t have a lot of time left in the semester, I am getting a little overwhelmed with the work I have to do on my project and the other work we are given. I feel that I don’t have enough time to do it all but I know I need to since everything has a deadline. I am not trying to be negative, I just feel overwhelmed and that is affecting my time management quite a lot. I am trying to manage my time well in order to have enough time to do everything and not get behind on work. I know I am a little behind, this does concern me but in my opinion I do have the majority of my work under control.

I am trying to follow closely with my Gantt chart to help keep myself on task, this is helping a bunch with keeping me on task. Even though I am a little behind I am working to catch up and the chart is helping a bunch so that I’m not too off task. I know I could be managing my time better than I am and that is a fault on my part.

I know that sometimes I don’t use my time correctly, I am going to use my time for school or project work and talk with friends a little less to help myself stay on task.